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My name is Michel St-Pierre and I've been involved with agricultural shows all my life. I'm passionate about agriculture and technology; I've been an exhibitor and have worked with and worked for several fairs for most of my life. Combining my solid engineering experience, my understanding of Fairs’ needs, and hands-on experience volunteering at Fairs, I created and developed the most complete software for Fairs and Exhibitions: AssistExpo.
In the late 80's, while a teenager, my father asked me to figure out something to make use of the computer... Since he was general manager of the county's agricultural fair, I wrote a computer program to help him manage the show. That software has evolved greatly and the 4th generation of the software is now in use in multiple agricultural shows in Canada, United-States and Europe.
I have over 30 years of experience working with agricultural fairs. Through the years, I visited countless agricultural shows and learned a lot about the various aspects of the work the organizers have to do and all the different ways to do that work. I also have hands-on experience doing most of that work myself at many shows. I created AssistExpo in order to facilitate and simplify all that work. And now, I built a team and together we continue to develop and improve AssistExpo because we like to help be part of the Agricultural Shows.

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