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When we discovered AssistExpo, we were impressed by its features and affordability. While the platform had been developed specifically for agricultural exhibitions, it was flexible enough to be suitable for draft horse shows - and adaptable to meet the specific needs of a large show like the 2015 World Clydesdale Show. AssistExpo's customizable database and fully integrated data management made it easy to use and provided an efficient and effective process for managing entries, results, and record keeping. The ability to immediately publish results as they were recorded helped make sure exhibitors, friends, family, and fans could keep track of results as they happened from the official show records, rather than wait until the end of the show or rely on word-of-mouth results. The show committee received a lot of positive feedback about our ability to post timely and accurate results on the web site and on social media.
Beyond AssistExpo's functionality, what sets it apart is the incredible customer service and support offered. During the process of customizing the software to meet the needs of the 2015 World Clydesdale Show through to on-the-day trouble-shooting, Michel went well above and beyond the call of duty in helping us navigate the software and address any challenges. I cannot recommend Michel's services enough - he was always exceptionally friendly, helpful, and supportive, whether we were developing changes together or trying to trouble-shoot challenges before a Saturday evening class.
I would recommend AssistExpo to any exhibition or horse show wishing to implement an online entry and data recording system - AssistExpo will make your show management processes more efficient and effective and provide exceptional value and customer services to your show committee andexhibitors.

James K. Weeden, M.Sc., P.Eng., World Clydesdale Show 2015
2015 was our first year using AssistExpo and it is a wonderful tool for livestock exhibition. Even though we discovered AssistExpo just months before our October show, Michel and his staff were quick to get us up and running. As we explore the program the opportunities to enhance our show seem endless. With a program this functional and a support staff this knowledgeable we highly recommend AssistExpo to everyone.

Aaron S. Rice, President, Michigan Great Lakes International Draft Horse Show and Pull
Carp Agricultural Society were extremely pleased with AssistExpo in our 1st year. Michel and his staff were very pleasant and compatible and certainly made it work for us, offering fast and reliable customer service.
The on-line entries work extremely well and the exhibitors found Assistexpo easy to use.
We had researched other Fair programs - but some of them were off the shelf packages - and not compatible with the way our Canadian Fairs work. AssistExpo most suited our needs and Michel and his staff certainly made their system compatible with what we were used to.

Joyce Trafford, Carp Fair
We selected AssistExpo to launch our new online Project Animal registration process based on positive recommendations from industry partners. This service fills a need within our own organization to keep member experiences current and convenient and AssistExpo’s broad experience in the livestock sector ensures the service is relevant within the industry. We have had tremendous support from AssistExpo in building this tool and look forward to our first year offering this service to the 4-H Ontario membership.

Chara Coulter, Coordinator, Programming & Livestock
Michel and his team at AssistExpo, not only have a time saving, fantastic software product, but provide Customer Service that goes above and beyond expectations. AssistExpo is an investment that will provide positive returns each and every year – you will wonder how you ever managed without it!

Kristen Culliton, Stratford & District Agricultural Society
2015 was our first year using AssistExpo and we are very pleased with the program. Doing entries was quite easy... being able to connect online with the livestock associations made for less errors. The AssistExpo team was really helpful and was available during the Fair to answer all our questions. Moving forward, things will be more familiar to us and we will save a lot of staff time.

Brenda, Lindsay EX
AssistExpo is an essential tool for all agricultural fairs. It is user friendly and offers many features designed specifically for our unique industry. Our organisation would be far less efficient without it.

Nelsha Fontaine, Executive Assistant and Accounting
The Agassiz Fall Fair is a 1 day event with a large 4-H animal section as well as 1400 entries of fruit, vegetables, flowers, baking, canning, needlework, arts and crafts (adult and children) and photography. For over 10 years a custom software program (Paradox database ) was what we used.
In 2014 I was looking for a new program which would allow anyone, even if they had no computer experience, to be able to run the program. It had to be user friendly, tailored to meet our requirements and be cost efficient for our small Fair. AssistExpo met our requirements. Michel and his team were very supportive and able to customize a program for us. The biggest challenge was to create exhibit labels that were compatible to our existing entry tag system and they accomplished this.
Communication whether by email or phone was always prompt and productive. Explanations were clear and easily understood.
I would recommend AssistExpo for any Fair.

Lee Struthers, Agassiz Fall Fair, Agassiz, B.C.
The Canadian Sheep Breeders' Association uses AssistExpo for its All Canada Sheep Classic, which is a national sheep show and sale that moves from province to province each year. AssistExpo was able to tailor the entry process specifically for the Classic and include warnings if entry rules were not being followed. Producers who use the online entry system are very pleased with the AssistExpo's ability to link to the official breed registries, which allows "autofilling" of an animal's ID, name, birthdate and pedigree. Using AssistExpo saves consignors and office personnel hours of data entry time and decreases the chance of entry mistakes. The Canadian Sheep Breeders' Association strongly recommends AssistExpo to any association planning a show or sale.

Stacey White, Canadian Sheep Breeders' Association
EastGen was proud to host over 430  4-H participants at our dairy and beef shows across the EastGen service area in 2015. With four different shows happening within the span of three weeks, it is a very busy time for show administration. The registration process for these shows was always a very time consuming process, with staff having to key in all the information from hand-written forms. We turned to AssistExpo last year to streamline this process. Right from the very start, Michel and his team were very accommodating and took the time to understand the needs of all our different events. A very simple to use program was developed that allowed our participants to easily enter information while making the payment at the time of registration. The process made show registration a much simpler and accurate process. The one service that AssistExpo offers that stands out above the rest is the customer service. Michel was always a phone call away on show day or anytime through the event preparation to answer questions and walk us through any issue. This program saved us valuable staff time and dollars. We intend to continue using this very economical program for show administration.

Christa Ormiston, Eastgen
We used the AssistExpo program for 5 of our Major shows in 2012. The ease of manually entering cattle and uploading the entries to a catalogue saved me a lot of hours that the catalogue normally took. The feature of only having to enter the registration number and knowing that all of the information was then correct was amazing. The exhibitors that took advantage of the online registrations also commented on how much time they saved and the ease of making entries. The program was very easy to use and Michel was great with any issues that we had. He was only a phone call or email away and always touched base to make sure things were running as they should. For those that have to manually enter animals into catalogues and have over 60 head of cattle, this program is a must! - Thanks

Kristie, Jersey Ontario
We have been using Assist Expo for several years and it is the only program that caters to our unique needs as a fair. Furthermore, the team behind the software is dedicated to our success day-by-day and year-by-year, as they constantly seek to improve the software to meet our needs. Customer service is just as important as a smooth-running program and Assist Expo gets a gold star for both. I highly recommend this program to anyone considering a new software for their fair, festival, special event..

Christina Franc, Manager, Expo Ormstown
Assist Expo has been a useful tool for Atlantic Holstein Promotions.  As more exhibitors become comfortable with the software, it makes the entry process, checking ear tags, distributing hatbands and preparing the catalogue much more efficient. Thanks.

Angela, Atlantic Holstein
AssistExpo is a great tool for fairs and Michel is the man to thank and all his work is much appreciated by me and our fair board in Richmond. Thanks from the bottom of my heart.

Valerie Fowler, Richmond Fair
Assist Expo has simplified the running of Expo Ormstown by providing a program capable of managing and producing everything from exhibitor’s information, and databases to accounting. Assist Expo is user friendly making judgement catalogues to class lists almost effortless. The technical support for the program has always been quick and supportive.

Assist Expo would be a great asset for any fair!

Kyla Stacey, Ormstown Fair

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