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Complete Software

for Agricultural Shows 

Simply amazing! AssistExpo offers great features that make the management of your show much simpler.

Fully Customisable

Regardless of the size of your show,
AssistExpo accommodates all your specific needs. 

  • Get your data organized

With a single database AssistExpo makes it easy to manage all your data for participants, exhibitors, vendors, sponsors, members, animals, exhibits, produces and other things presented at the fair. Plus...
• Organize your data in different and configurable categories
• Print a wide variety of lists and documents, mailing labels and envelopes, entry and exhibit tags, and reports including ones that are mandatory for Agricultural Fairs
• Export your contacts information for mail-merges with your office software


  • Allow your exhibitors to make their entries online

A time saver for everyone! This feature also allows your exhibitors to make their payments online: you get your money sooner and AssistExpo tracks it all for you.
All Fairs that have tried this feature would not want to continue without it.  
Plus! For some breeds, AssistExpo allows to only enter the registration number of the animal as AssistExpo will download the entire pedigree from the web! This is available for most of the dairy breeds, goats, sheep, some horse breeds and some beef cattle breeds.


  • When the exhibits have arrived to the show

Prepare reports to help with the verification of the entries.  An easy process that helps avoiding errors in subsequent documents. 
Prepare worksheets for the show (judge’s sheets, worksheets, lists of exhibitors, ...)
And prepare the judging catalogues in various formats: it can do it really fast! 


  • After the judging is done, AssistExpo...

• Sends the judging results to your website
• Calculates all the charges and prizes for each exhibitor
• Calculates entry fees and other configurable fees
• Calculate configurable subsidies or payments to exhibitors
• Prints cheques, receipts, invoices and statements
• Exports all accounting data to your accounting software   


  • Animal traceability report (ATQ report in Quebec)

The traceability is a well-integrated feature in AssistExpo; the data required for the report is collected at the same time all the other information is collected. The animal’s information is downloaded from the web when available and the online registration process makes sure the exhibitor provides all the necessary information. 

  • Need to manage sponsorships?

This feature allows you to configure sponsor levels and sponsorship types.
Sponsors are automatically added to catalogues and worksheets.


  • What about concessions?

Another great feature to manage concessions: configurable types, areas, sub-areas, fees and status.
Flexible contract templates and other documents.


  • It’s easy!

Easy to set up! In most cases, your current data can be imported into AssistExpo.
Very easy to use! Very flexible; almost everything can be configured to adapt it to your fair.
No software to install and no networking issues: you're up and running in no time!


  • It’s friendly!

Multiple users can work at the same time
It’s mobile… just like you are!
Works on any computer, laptop, iPad or tablet
Can send emails and text messages to exhibitors, vendors, sponsors and members.


  • AssistExpo is bilingual

AssistExpo can run in English or in French.  The commands, menus, messages and windows can display text in English or French.  AssistExpo can also prepare bilingual judging catalogues.

  • Technical support and assistance

The quality and availability of our assistance is one of the thing people appreciate the most about AssistExpo. The software is easy and intuitive to use but it’s reassuring to know people are there to help. We’ve learned a long time ago that the judging catalogues and other documents are often prepared the night before the event...  Last minute things often increase stress and difficulty.  Do not hesitate to contact us; we’ll be happy to help you; anytime!

  • Configuration and modifications

Before you start using AssistExpo, you get a list of questions about your fair or event, and we prepare and pre-configure the software for you.  Most of the configuration can be changed at any time directly by you. Some parameters, for example the name of the organization, can only be changed by contacting us.
Some fairs or organizations need specific or custom features.  We are always open and available to make such modifications and adapt the software to your specific and needs.


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