Semi-Soft, Interior Ripened

Moisture content 40–60%

  1. Mild Gouda Cheese
    Parent Company: That Dutchman's Cheese Farm
    Brand: That Dutchman's Cheese Farm
    Cheese Maker: That Dutchman's Cheese Farm
    Cheese Name: Mild Gouda Cheese

    That Dutchman's Cheese Farm, Economy, NS
  2. Farmstaed Fontina
    Parent Company: Stonetown Artisan Cheese
    Brand: Stonetown Cheese
    Cheese Maker: Ramon Eberle
    Cheese Name: Farmstaed Fontina

    Stonetown Artisan Cheese, St. Marys, ON
  3. Ferrante Mozzarella Ball
    Parent Company: Ferrante Cheese
    Brand: Ferrante Cheese
    Cheese Maker: Roberto Mariani
    Cheese Name: Ferrante Mozzarella Ball

    Ferrante Cheese, Woodbridge, ON