Flavoured Cheese (except smoked)

With added particulate solids, i.e. herbs, spices and/or other particulates

  1. Mountainoak Cheese - Cumin Aged Gouda
    Parent Company: Mountainoak Cheese
    Brand: Mountainoak Cheese
    Cheese Maker: Mountainoak Cheese
    Cheese Name: Mountainoak Cheese - Cumin Aged Gouda

    Grand Champion Variety Cheese – Cow Milk
    Mountainoak Cheese, New Hamburg, ON
  2. Thunder Oak Chive Gouda
    Parent Company: Thunder Oak Cheese
    Brand: Thunder Oak Cheese
    Cheese Maker: Walter Schep
    Cheese Name: Thunder Oak Chive Gouda

    Thunder Oak Cheese, Neebing, ON
  3. Maple Dale Dill & Garlic Cheddar Cheese
    Parent Company: Maple Dale Cheese
    Brand: Dill and Garlic
    Cheese Maker: Cory Armstrong
    Cheese Name: Maple Dale Dill & Garlic Cheese

    Maple Dale Cheese, Trenton, ON