Liquid Honey - Golden

  1. Gregory Mander, Mississauga, ON
    Champion Other Than White Liquid Honey
    Grand Champion Liquid Honey Amateur
    Premier Exhibitor Award
  2. Tuckingham Palace Apiaries, London, ON
    Champion Other Than White Liquid Honey - Reserve
  3. The Bees Knees Apiary, Ajax, ON
  4. Catherine Cocks, Glen Williams, ON
  5. Second Nature Apiary, Toronto, ON
  6. Ron Tucker, London, ON
  7. Red Dog Farm, Toronto, ON
  8. Barefoot Alpacas, Janetville, ON
  9. The Birds N THe Bees Farm, Jerseyville, ON
  10. Forever Country Honey, St. Albert, ON
  11. StudioK Architecture, Thunder Bay, ON
  12. Goodwood Apiary, Oxford Mills, ON
  13. Host A Hive, Mississauga, ON
  14. True Brook Farm, Dalkeith, ON
  15. Claire Arfin, Warkworth, ON