Any knitted article made from Wool.

Must include yarn wrapper and pattern source for judging

  1. Kimberly O'Neill, Lindsay, ON
  2. Rosalie Kent, Beaverton, ON
  3. Susan Sutherland, Jackson's Point, ON

Skein of hand spun yarn

Skein must be min. 50g. must contain at least 50% Ontario grown fibre

  1. Rosalie Kent, Beaverton, ON

Any article (knitted, crocheted or woven) made with hand spun yarn

Must include a description with fibre content, source of fibre and 1m sample of hand spun yarn.

  1. Rosalie Kent, Beaverton, ON

One Photograph 4x6 depicting LEX theme "Fun for the Whole Herd"

  1. Sue Van Houdt, Lindsay, ON